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- Private Parties - Cooking Classes - Personal Meals -

Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free menus, with all items lovingly homemade from scratch.  Likewise with seafoods and meats, from the highest quality sources, their preparation is exceptionally exact, artful.

Cooking Classes

Invite your friends or date over for a class with Martin, or schedule a time with him one on one to expand your culinary knowledge and repertoire. Address any aspects of cooking and baking, from chopping technique to cooking seasonally, from flavor combination to timing several courses with precision, and the art of making the beautifully tasting dish look beautiful, as well.  Learn how to prepare a particular dish like the moistest fish or a juicy steak filet; or learn an entire sample menu, including how to make home-made tofu, pasta, pestos, cheese, yogurt, jams, and ice-cream.  Enjoy what you prepare as much as what you eat dining out! 

Cooking classes may include grocery or specialty market shopping, if you’d like to learn more about ingredients.

Private Parties

Whatever your reason for entertaining and wherever you host your party, Martin's cooking will impress the epicures and turn the rest of your guests into foodies. 

Work within your budget and within your guests’ dietary needs to design your ideal evening.  Choose from a sit-down meal of several courses with aesthetic presentation, a rich buffet, or an event where the hors d’œuvre and amuse bouche are flowing.

Martin will also bring professional servers, as needed for the size of the group.

Personal Meals

If you enjoy coming home to dinner ready to be served, you regularly need meals prepared for your busy lifestyle, you need help cooking elimination meals to address possible allergies, or you are preparing for a cleanse, Martin can deliver food to you, or prepare it in your home at your convenience.  Contact him today to start eating healthy and gourmet.