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The Chop Shop

The Güde family, beginning with Franz Güde inventing the serrated blade bread knife, has successfully endeavored to make the highest quality hand-forged knives.  The family brand won the Reddot Interior Innovation Award in both 2011 and 2012, Busse Longlife Design Award in 2008, which is only awarded every three years to “very durable and economical products and sends a signal against throw-away mentality.” Güde Knives also won the highest honors of Gold and Sehr Gut in their ETM Testmagazin evaluations in Germany.  The company’s directors have always chosen timelessness over passing trends, remaining steadfast in classical knife manufacturing techniques that were optimized in the 1930s.  The Güde Company has made their knives accessible to and famous among chefs, butchers and epicures by manufacturing their products from of a large variety of materials via various specified techniques. 

    The company has steered clear of mass production, and deals exclusively with wholesale orders, which is why Martin is the United States' Güde representative for personal and small-scale orders. Martin checks each single knife before it's shipped.  In case of any following damages regarding the production, there is a two year warranty from the date of sale. Please contact Martin for any further questions or inquiries. Martin's large wide range of Güde products includes sharpening steels and knife blocks.

Güde craftsmanship is extraordinary. For over ten years, Martin been using Güde products in his work as a gourmet chef.  In this time he has travelled around the globe, from Europe to Asia to the U.S., his Güde knife collection as his companion.

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Knife Selection

The perfectly balanced in-hand fit, combined with the razor sharp, robust blades, makes all these knives, elegant and beautiful.  Guede offers the best I've seen, ranging from basic handles made out of a durable plastic called Hostaform, to limited productions crafted from Olive, Oak, and Pear woods. Additionally, the Kappa series consists from blade to handle of cutlery steel. The Delta series is a combination between the Kappa and the wood series: the handle consists of mostly steel with an overlay of African Blackwood. No matter which series you choose, your knives, if cared for properly, will last for a lifetime or longer. The Wild Damascus Steel knives, with their Desert Iron Wood handles, will last you for generations.